P.E.T.P.L.A.Y. T.I.M.E.

The day begins for the slaves at the studio door …
In the studio follows the preparation: blindfolded and handcuffed!
In this condition, the object is led to my car … with the opening of my trunk, the piece of meat guesses that it is abducted!
– no escape –
– no idea where the trip goes –
– the senses restricted by external influences and by their own horniness –
– a thousand thoughts –
– Destination unknown –
I start the engine!
Just 90 km later, the engine stops, the luggage compartment opens automatically …
I take the piece of meat from his eyebrows.
The instruction follows on all fours from the trunk and to stop any human behavior!
CHARLY is your new name!
Your new identity, into which you can completely dive, you only work and commit any kind of commitment!
Enjoy the short distance from the car to the entrance of the Demask Boutique on all fours, because as soon as you enter, your transformation begins !!!
Prove yourself as a faithful, loyal servant under my guidance, and I will give you an insight into my black world …

Lady Electra


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