Lady Electra talks


I met Lady Electra for the first time at the Divas Dome in Cologne. I met a very affable, pleasant young woman – of striking appeal, which also made an impact on me.
Well, many are appealing in this kind of way – that at least were my thoughts in the beginning.
In the course of our conversation, she showed me very convincingly that one should not reduce this remarkable young woman to her look, because she not only completely convinced me with knowledge, but also with rhetoric, intelligence and her confident nature. Furthermore, there is this enormous charisma – Lady Electra embodies the kind of woman who enters a room full of people and through her presence makes sure that everyone has nothing on their minds but her.

Enough for the moment – see it for yourself and keep on reading…

Lady Electra, why did you choose particularly this name as an alias?

I like to electrify and i actually like mysticism. Furthermore, I like – besides my other biases – to play with electricity. This way, the interplay with a carrot and a stick is great fun to me. Therefore, I found the name Lady Electra to be the most descriptive.

What is your profession about, what is important to you concerning the contact with your guest?

My activity is about the enjoyment of personal passions, about doing what is fun and what i take
pleasure in. It does not compare to a relatively boring, ordinary job, which I previously pursued.
In cooperation with the guest, everything starts with finding a mutual base. In an honest and
confident conversation, I get to know everything about his wishes and biases. My task is to get as much as possible out of him, maybe to reveal even more and cause escalations. All that is far from ordinary – that really is strange to me.
I absolutely respect the taboos of my visitor, but I slowly approach them. The goal is that my guest
leaves me with a feeling of inspiration, internally pleased with whole new insights about what was hidden inside of him, as well as the wish to soon come back to me. It is all about a development of my pupil – no way there will be reeled off only one program, SM can and should be lived with me as a sensual and demanding variety.

What do you appreciate about your guests, what is important to you? What do you perceive as good and pleasant?

A nice and neat tone – if it fails there or at one’s personality in general, it won’t work.
Actually, my visitor should behave normally and give me attention and respect in a way that he also expects it from me. Also, I appreciate a well-groomed appearance, nice odors, ideally a clean shave in slave-manner. I do know about personal barriers, however. Men who can slump, who can let themselves go and show emotions, are important to me. That ensures inner relaxation – a mutual, bizarre encounter initially begins with that condition. We have enough time for everything – and we take that time. By now, I am very satisfied with my subjects.

Do you perform longterm disciplining, speaking of continuous hours or interrupted over days and weeks, or do you focus on shorter but concise meetings?

I take pleasure in both types – everything has its benefits and charms.

How do you see yourself as a dominant woman?

I have quite an open, friendly, balanced nature, absolutely relaxed – that also translates on others.
When disciplining, I am always sensitive. Of course through my sadistic vein, I also serve the ”harsh” kind, but that is all well-conceived. Even if I am stretched to my limits, taboos are never broken. I move on the caring as well as on the cold, sadistic level. Additionally, I make use of my distinct optic charms, I know how to use a certain manner in what pitch to take my pupil to the verge of lunacy. I also do have patience.
I use a suitable, stylish language and I like and appreciate a good communication.

What role does erotic play four you concerning SM?

I am, feel and think erotically – I introduce it holistically into SM.
The SM itself contributes excesses, the unusual, escalations of every kind. To combine these two things is the trick – and I know that subject to the peak of perfection, because I do live myself and do not have to disguise myself. My visual attractions also are highly developed – what do you think about it?

I have to admit that there is a woman sitting in front of me who would have realistic chances of winning every title of a beauty queen! Insofar, I am asking you straightforwardly – would you also dominate a man completely nude without any piece of clothing?

I like it when I drive a man out of his mind just because of my naked skin. Now I also know how to use my head and thus I can enhance everything by pushing his thoughts. The room is supposed to crackle of erotism. The allure is to increase the sexual arousal as much as possible. I suppose that is because you are only allowed to look, not to touch – so close but yet so unapproachable!

Do you have a certain material fetish or what kind of clothing do you  prefer?

My declared fetish is latex.
I almost daily order new outfits.
Furthermore I like lingerie from Agent Provocateur and Pleasure State. Authentic nylons as well as
stockings from Wolford top that off.

On the one hand storybook beauty Lady Electra, on the other hand someone who was not that gifted by nature and underlies physical limitations, but dreams of bizarre encounters with you. What do you think of that?u?

I really do not make any differences there and also welcome physical limited persons. Here, too, it is important what character someone has.There we are again talking about tone, respect and so on. It is important that the chemistry is right. That is the essential thing.

How long are you doing professional SM?

About 8 years. I started when I was 18.

Which SM practices do you prefer?

I am actually quite diversified, what is crucial is the interaction between me and the guest. I really
like CBT, verbal erotism, foot erotism, classic discipline and humiliations.

What do you think of dirty games?

I like to give the golden shower. Scat play is possible too, I do that genuinely, but because of that it
only works when I already know someone. I need to feel especially comfortable– that is just how it is.

What do you feel when you make a man into a woman, at least occasionally, by dominating
him with the strap-on?

When I am really fucking a guy, I get the feeling of pure satisfaction and reach an absolute position
of power. It is really simple – the one who puts the dick into the other one, is in charge.
My favorite position is a certain one:
When he is lying on his back with his legs stretched far to the back, to his left and right side of the
head, and I am lying on top of him and simultaneously supporting myself on his legs to get as deep
as possible. At the same time, I have his face in front of me and moan into his ears my inner cinema and my
fantasies. What I also like is having him buckled up or fixated defenselessly, and then very intensely from the

Do you also offer medical play?

Of course they are possible with me if they are imaginative and creative. I decline, however,
extreme treatments of certain nature – I think and behave, despite all horniness, responsibly, and
everyone left my ”hospital” healthy. By the way, I learned many unusual games from doctors and
caregivers from hospitals – whether it were guests or seminar attendants at the studio. Afterwards,
everything else was learning by doing. 8 years of experience should do the trick.

If there are bisexual guests who want to get together with a man while interacting with a
dominant, could you contribute an experienced bi-slave?

I do own a very neat bi-slave, who does everything for me, whether active or passive. He is 1,85m
and nice to look at.

Now there are also guests who do not speak fluent German or no German at all – what languages do you speak? How do you communicate with these visitors?

I speak fluent English, can listen and speak in French, also Italian and of course German.

Are you into women and would you welcome one or a couple as guests in your studio?

If a woman is really pretty, I wouldn’t push her out of bed. And of course, solo-disciplining of women are just as possible as couples.

We have yet been talking about your look. Please, give us some information that we cannot recognize in your pictures.

I will stick to the relevant information here. I am 1,80m, weigh 58kg and my feet size is 39. Additionally, I have long, genuine black hair. My sizes are 90-58-90. There is something special about my waist, which is remarkably slim.
P.S. I love the tight feeling of a corset.

Do you also operate in other cities or only in Cologne?

I consciously only practice in Cologne to keep my exclusiveness. Also, I have grown up in Cologne, love my city and therefore am only here accessible and visitable. In addition, I like it when men accept longer ways to see me.

Lady Electra, thank you so much!

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