Erotic Fantasies

I went for a walk along the Rhine this morning.
I could smell autumn for the first time this year.
Do you know this really special scent?
The smell of beginning winter wonders.
I love winter and snow.
When it is ice cold outside, but sizzling hot inside…
Automatically, my inner cinema begins to roll and I’m having fantasies…
They begin to clarify and everything is very distinct and real…
I’m imagining walking through London, through Greenwich Park and Bond Street.
Along the beautiful stores, in the direction of Grosvenor Street, to Agent Provocateur.
With a devilish grin, I enter the Agent Provocateur boutique – knowing for what special occasion I
am here and what I am about to buy for my purpose.
Of course I’m treating myself some new lingerie – I’m indulging myself!
I made up a little game in the changing room, while I was undressing…
We are meeting in London, in an awesome penthouse hotel room.
I’m knocking at the hotel door and I’m wearing my long, soft, nappa leather Burberry coat.
Tightly strung around the waist, black leather Louis Vuitton high heels, black nylons are shining
through the coat and cloak my calves, soft and mellow, yet fluttery crinkled on my gracile ankles…
In my bent arm, I’m holding my classic Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 handbag –
Classic elegance, paired with modern, casual elegant size, not too big and not too small, so that
the man can be looking forward to an exciting evening…
You’re asking me in and I enter the room dominantly and determined.
I put my bag on the bed and sit down in an armchair – which i choose deliberately!
There is only one lady in this room, and one toy!
And the toy will soon learn about and appreciate its place – because only then, it’s also interesting
for me!
You ask me what I want to drink and I demand a Dom Pérignon Charme D’Irene. With
The room service arrives quickly.
He pours me something to drink, I take a sip and agree with a nod.
Before he is able to pour you some, too, I order him to leave the room and that it’s all for now.
He looks at me with big eyes and appears to be aroused by my dominant, erotic but still playful
You are also getting aroused by the situation, because you know my biases and my true self.
Also, you already know what filthy games are awaiting you for the rest of the night…
We are alone in the room and I’m gently touching the champagne glass with my moist red lips.
Slightly opened, staring at you.
And the you hear, with a gentle and silent, but determining voice, that you shall now put off my high
You’re coming over to my knees, crawling over the floor, and you slowly put off my Louis Vuitton
high heels and put them on the ground.
Afterwards, I command you to sensitively caress my feet and warm them up with your lips.
I enjoy the caressing and your commitment to the fullest.
I continue letting you taste the blood until you are almost in a frenzy, driven by your obvious
lustfulness, which I really like.
Then I stop you by standing up and commanding you to lie down on the bed if you want more!
Of course you follow my instructions, because your thoughts are now only driven by your
Slowly, like a cat, I’m walking over to my Louis Vuitton handbag and you can hear the clashing of
Fast and skillful, I fix you on the hotel bed.
Your lustfulness is unmistakable.
I’m still wearing my soft leather Burberry coat, which emphasizes my tender waist and my thin
With my foot, I’m playing with your balls, glide along your cock with my nylon covered feet.
Then, I silently ask you if you want to see more of what I’m wearing underneath my coat.
Also, I give you a warning, that you are playing with fire and that every reward, there will be
I’m asking you if you are aware of that.
You answer that everything is worth it.
That’s how it should be!
Slowly, I pull open the knot around my waist and play with the two ends of the belt.
Then, I slowly unbutton the coat, move away one side, then the other…
I’m wearing my new Agent Provocateur lingerie set…
I’m also wearing the fitting garter, on which my nylons with ornamental seam are fixated.
The bra with size 75 DD, the string and garter with size small.
Slender with big breasts.
While you’re admiring me, I slowly remove my hairpin and my strict pinned-up hairstyle slowly
opens to a wild, dark brown mane…
I smile at you and slowly move down to you.
You are so dazzled by my sight, the erotic and beauty, that you don’t even realize my pointy knee
pressing into your balls…
Now you realize the growing pressure and you are trying to suppress a scream.
I laugh at you and remind you of my warning, while I’m pressing my knee as hard as possible into
your balls…
And as soon as you think you overcame it, I aim a kick at your horniness while taking away your air
to breathe…
The whole night, I’m playing with you.
I’m torturing you by watching aesthetic porn and then again watching totally perverted porn.
Maybe I’m even playing with myself?!
You are fixated.
You are dependent on my touch.
When I’m horny, I’m making you cum…
and then I let go of you shortly before and punish you for your dissolute horniness with an aimed
Let us see how long there will be a carrot and a stick until I…


Lady Electra

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