SM Story

A loyal piece of meat that I know since many years and who enjoys my dominant presence dressed in finest leather wrote a SM story for me.
Hmmm … who knows which part of the SM story is just wild fantasy and which part might be real …
Let your fantasy play !

Lady Electra


Electra the Electrifier

It’s a typical cold December evening as I open the door to the taxi and travel the thirty minutes it takes to arrive at the new venue.

Goddess Electra had informed me that she was using a new Dungeon of the highest quality and design. A veritable homage to all matters SM and an environment in which not only to experience the darkest of experiences but a place of worship for my slave like demeanour but also one of reverence towards the Goddess I serve.

My mouth is dry and my gaze is hazy as the Mercedes takes me to the industrial estate on the edge of Cologne. The driver can perhaps detect my sense of forebodingand I avoid making any eye contact as he looks from time to time in his rear view mirror.

Notwithstanding my poor German I fully comprehend the fact that we have arrived at the address where my destiny again falls into the Goddess I adore.

Previous encounters with Lady Electra have chartered new waters in my journey of discovery in regards to fully-fledged SM. It is with Her that I have relisead my full potential as a slave and masochist and though each experience becomes more intense than the last, so does my trust and desire to serve Her.

The building is relatively non descript. An old factory in a designated industrial estate, which clearly has seen better times. I approach a large steel door with a dimly illuminated sign above with the words “Das Palats”. To the right is single electrical door push, which I press after clearing my throat and with cold and nervous hands. The light dusting of snow around me seems like a strange symbol of the pending experience, but I simply cannot explain its meaning.

I notice that there is a CCTV camera positioned by the door and I can be seen in the darkness, the door makes a mechanical clicking noise and consequently the door opens and I enter….

I am met with a small antechamber, which provides two antique armchairs and a black sofa. There is small coffee table and the room is lit by wall hanging lights, which are of low wattage. My eyes need to adapt to the low light and the crepuscular atmosphere. I am still shivering from the cold outside and my nervous disposition formulated by my anticipation of what is to come.

The door opposite me opens and Lady Electra walks in. As is always the case Goddess Electra is impeccably couture. Her make-up is excellently applied with a bright red lipstick and other accouterments to enhance her appearance. Her hair is tied in a high ponytail that accentuates her Dominatrix appearance.

But it is her attire that truly takes my breath away. Today she wears a tight leather corset and long opera gloves together with a pair of skin tight leather trousers and the pair of high-heeled GML thigh boots that I have bought her in the past. She is also wearing the military hat with insignia and a black leather great coat from Crazy Outfits. The one with a quasi corset rear with leather cords.

She smiles at me and invites me to sit in one of the arms chairs. I sit nervously on the edge but she does not sit down but walks languidly towards me so that she towers above me.

“Well done slave! You found the address and are on time. I appreciate your desire to serve me correctly”.

As always her German accent is precise and with clear diction but warms me like treacle melifoulsy covering me. Her voice always contains a mixture of trust and foreboding.

“Now follow me”. I do as I am told and follow her to a well-proportioned bathroom and she orders me to undress and take my slave accouterments with me. She informs me that she will return in 10 minutes and wants me to be in the correct position to receive her. I know fully well what she means. I remove my coat and slowly undress whilst trying to stop the shivering and shaking which has taken over my body like some kind of spiritual incantation. I carefully fold all my clothes and put them on a small chair and place my shoes underneath. Once naked I turn to the mirror and consider my appearance. The recent diet has paid dividends and I pull my stomach. I nervously apply the leather ankle and wrist cuffs and take out the made to measure leather hood and the attachments.

I then try to calm my nerves through some heavy but controlled breathing and bow my head and fall to my knees. I place my hands on my thighs with my knees far apart and my back straight. This is known as PositionOne and is one of a number that I have learned in the past as the means by which I am to be received by the Dominatrix Supreme.

My head spins with anticipation, my mouth is dry and I cannot stop myself from quivering nervously. I hear the distant click of the heels of the Goddess as she approaches and with a quick movement the door is opening and Lady Electra stands before me.

I hesitantly look up and am bathed in her beauty, like a light it shines over me. Her jet black her, golden tanned complexion and flawless skin are as always the greatest aphrodisiac one could ever imagine. My cock starts to rise from my newly shaved balls and within a few seconds I grow rock hard. This amuses Goddess and she smiles.

“You know how to greet me slave,” she mutters and immediately I go on my hands and knees and start to kiss the toe of her left boot. This I do for several seconds before she retracts her left leg and proffers me her right one. Again I kiss the toe of her creaseless and immaculate boots.

“Stop now slave. You will have plenty to time to worship my boots later. Now put these on”. She throws down at my feet a pair of flip-flops. I do not know why she he offered me these but I place them awkwardly on my feet and upon her instruction I stand up.

“Now follow me.”

Cowering and hesitant, I follow Lady Electra out of the changing room into the hallway. This is darkly lit and we walk its length, along which are a number of doors, all closed bar one from which a cursory glance appears to me a new medical room with all the paraphernalia associated with the White SM. I walk behind Goddess at a few paces. Her walk is assured, purposeful and with a swing of the hips to remind me that I am in the presence of a High Priestess of Sex.

At the end of the corridor is the last door that She opens to a courtyard. This is covered with coble stones and is also lightly dusted with snow. Now I realize what the flip-flops were for. Despite the snow Goddess walks across the courtyard with grace and ease in her high heels. I on the other hand start to shiver from the cold and feel an acute embarrassment in being in the open air whilst completely naked bar my heel and ankle cuffs.

Lady Electra approaches another door and slowly opensit and walks in. With an ever-growing sense of trepidation I follow her in and am greeted with anexquisitely appointed and luxurious Dungeon. The room is of ample proportions with high ceilings. I presume it might have once been a hayloft or part of a large stable complex.

The room is rectangular in proportion. I take a moment and with my heart now racing take in the main components. To the right is a High Altar. A podium of two steps leads up to a plush throne of black anodized steel with purple velvet seat and back. This has matching candelabra on each side with two lit church candles. Indeed as my eyes adapt to the light I notice that a large part of the illumination of the room is made up of many candles. Some are standing on floor-mountedcandlesticks of similar design and proportions of those by the Throne and others are fixed in medieval wall mounted brackets.

Paced a few steps in front of the throne is the centre piece, a large floor mounted timber bondage frame, painted in black. From this apparatus are various metal chains and lengths of heavy-duty black rope. I can see hanging from one side of the vertical elements of the frame an electrical control panel.

To the immediate left are two further bondage pieces. A bondage chair, which I can see, has been made by one of the pre-eminent German dungeon manufacturers and a similar whipping and bondage bench.

To the far left against the wall to the far end of the throne is a stretching bench with overhead gantry.

To the far side of the throne and the bondage frame I can see rows of equipment, whips, canes, floggers, along with various nipple clamps, CBT devices and lengths of immacutely hung lengths of rope in black, red and white. The vast array of the accouterments of Lady Electra’s given desires only add to my sense of pending destiny.

My mindset combines a mixture of foreboding and sexual delight. I close my eyes for a few seconds and repeat to myself that I must please Goddess and not exhibit signs of weakness nor trepidation. Lady Electra is well aware of my personal neuroses and phobias, and has the delightful means by which to use my fears as a weapon against me.

I am shaken out of my self-indulgent reverie by goddess standing close to me and placing her gloved hand on my right shoulder and piercing my soul with an intense stare. Her beautiful brown eyes fix on to me and I return the look.

“Your duty is to serve me slave. I shall take control now of your body, mind and spirit. You belong to me and your sole purpose is to obey. I want to torture you and ensure your complete compliance and put you in a deeply submissive state. By these means we become closer, your pain and my pleasure become a symbiosis by which we can both reach a higher metaphysical state” she purrs these words like a philosophical tiger, and as though to emphasise this her gloved hands reach out to my nipples which she tweaks with a smile on her face. I wince but try not to move from my position of subservience.

“Follow me to the throne my slave” she utters as she turns away and walks languidly up the steps and sits like a Czarina in her imperious position of power. I follow with small steps. “Remove the flip flops slave, they are not sexy” she says with a laugh and I kick them off towards the wall. The tense mood is lightened for a moment but Goddess returns to a more strict tone and asks me to hand over my leather hood. She places it on my head and then orders me to turn round which I do bending my knees slightly to facilitate the almost religious ritual of the hood being laced up. She ties it a first time and then pulls the cords tighter and ties it tighter before repeating the procedure a third time to ensure the hood fits my head without a crease. I sense the heady aroma of the leather which again makes my cock go rock hard. Then Lady Electra reaches for a thick padded collar with 3 D-rings and ties around my neck of top of the base of the hood.

“Now slave, you look presentable and with the hood you merely become an object for me to use and abuse”. She smiles intently, “is this not so slave?”

“Yes” I answer hesitantly slightly stammering over the words. My mouth feels so dry already. Despite my nerves I conjure up the courage to make a statement of intent. “I am your slave Goddess, I wish to serve you and satisfy your sadistic desires.”

Goddess smiles again and leans forward to stare again in my eyes, now partially shrouded by the perimeter of the eyeholes of the hood.

“That is good to hear my slave. Your slave flesh is to be truly tested tonight. Do you think you will have the courage to withstand?”

Again the words find difficulty in formulating in my mouth but I utter the positive affirmation of my desire to serve her whilst slightly nodding to emphasise my intent. Again at this moment flashes cross my mind, telling myself that I am truly honoured to by Lady Electra’s slave and I should be delighted to accept whatever torment she deems appropriate.

“Now on your knees slave and worship my boots.”

I lower myself to my knees and place my hands beneath the heel of goddess’s left boot. I kiss the tip reverentially, small kisses with a light sound of lips on leather. I work my way up her leg concentrating to kiss each side of the boot, the centre and occasionally behind. Once I reach her knee I look up to see her smile, she reaches for a cigarette from the packet on the arm of the throne and lights it. She takes a puff and nods. I know that is the sign to repeat the procedure for her right leg. This is I do slowly, languidly with an occasional sigh of erotic lust. Once completed I work my way back down again and take the long heel in my mouth. I suck on it deeply and Goddess moves herself slightly to facilitate my sucking on this vestige of erotic symbolism.

“Stop.” I obey slowly. “now move forward. Open your mouth.”

I do as I am told and Goddess reaches forward and taps the end of the ash into my mouth which I have already opened in subjugation. There is a light sucking on the filter and Goddess reaches to flick the ash into my mouth. Whenever the cigarette leaves her mouth she formulates a gorgeous smile, one which is full of erotic intent and salacious knowledge. She finally finishes her smoke and pops the filter into my mouth and I swallow it down. I feel vaguely pleased with myself. The honour of being Lady Electra’s receptacle for her cigarette pleasesme.

Silently she proffers me the finger of her right gloved hand I kiss them slowly three times. I repeat this for the left hand and then she start to raise herself from her throne. Instinctively I help her up and she stands towering over me. I bow my head in due reverence.

“Now slave, I want you to go and stand in the middle of the bondage frame facing the throne”.

This I do whilst Goddess wanders over to the wall with all the torture devices. She returns promptly with a small black wheeled table. The table comprises three levels and is complemented with a number of SM devices although my nervousness and fear prevent me from finding due focus on their composition.

First of all she takes a leather boot cord, but of several metres length.

“Put you hands up” She orders crisply and I raise my arms above my head. She looks into my eyes and informs me: “there has been a wonderful improvement in electro torture equipment and I am going to use it on you now.” Her delicious voices hovers on the word ‘torture’ which She pronounces with extreme erotic allure.

She halves the length of the cord by placing the two ends and then stretches it to ensure perfect symmetry of both ends. The she bends forward and wraps the cord around my waist with the middle at the rear. The ends are passed through the loop at the back so forming a belt around my waist but still with plenty of length of the cord spare. I stand shaking and Goddess picks up a piece from the table and walks behind me. She tightens the cord around my waist so the leather bites into my flesh.

“Now slave I am going to insert this electro butt plug in your welcoming arse; your arse is going to welcome it,isn’t it?”

“Yes” I mutter in a confused voice.

She uses her gloved hands to spread my arse cheeks and I feel the end of a rubberized and metal plug as Lady Electra slowly inserts. Instinctively I bow forward to facilitate its entry. She forces it in and I can feel my sphincter clench and try to repulse it. However I note that She passed the two ends of the cord through a loop in the butt plug and then stands up straight to pull the cord to ensure the butt plug is firmly in place.

She then drops the end and walks around whilst pushing the table back bowing close to my erect cock and pulls the cord up against tight and takes each end and wraps it around my balls. She looks up at me and I look down and we share a stare into each other’s eyes. She smiles again before lowering her head to place her mouth about 3 cm from my cock and she slowly blows on it. Her warm breath on my member feels good and she takes her right hand around my cock and starts to mastburbate me slowly.

“Later I want you to cum hard for me, I want you to empty your balls and give me all your juice, I want it all and I will have it! But before any pleasure must come the pain – exquisite, intense and without remorse” Her laugh sounds evil and demonic but also erotic and alluring. The intensity of the contemporaneous closeness and the distance is an aphrodisiac all of its own and I know that I shall indeed cum hard. The total mind fuck is on its way.

Goddess leans over towards the table and takes a 10cm metallic and rubberized urethral probe. Oh my god she intends to stick that in the centre of my cock!

She pulls back my foreskin and my head is glistening with pre-cum. She first places the tip at the hole and then squeezes my hard cock to open the eye and then slowly and gradually inserts the probe. I try to stand still but I shiver and moan as the metallic spike enters me. I look down to see Goddess smiling and smirking. She really does have some evil in mind.

Once inserted to her satisfaction Goddess takes the two ends of the leather cord and tightening them against the tip of the probe, she weaves a criss-cross pattern up my hard cock to create a lattice effect. The two ends are then passed through a small loop hole at the end of the probeand she ties off the cord. Hence the butt plug and urethral probe are now firmly in position.

Goddess stands up and walks languidly around me ensuring everything is as She wants it. I heave and sigh as both the butt plug and the urethral probe move and try their best to escape my body but they are very firmly in position.

“Now to imobilise you” she barks and orders me to stand with my legs spread. She goes to each ankle and attaches the carbine hook from the chains in the frame and then orders me to raise my arms and takes each wrist in turn and similarly binds them to the frame.

She takes the control unit for the frame and presses a small button and the chains begin to be pulled into the recesses of the large frame. I feel my muscles and sinews tense as we reach the maximum of my scope and I stand on tip toes, my arms and legs pulled tense and almost rigid by the tension in the chains. However, this is not the end of my bondage as Goddess then pulls on a rope higher in the frame on each side and attaches both the left and right hand sides with a carbine hook to the D-rings in the leather collar of the hood. She then presses the button and the loose rope tenses as it is retracted on the hidden pulleys in the frame.

Now imobilised in the bondage frame I feel exposed, vulnerable and totally at Goddess’s whim. She takes a slow walk around the frame twice to ensure she is happy with her work and then stands in front of me.

“Now I intend to torture you slave. I don’t want you to disappoint me as I want your total obedience and a willingness to serve my sadistic desires. Here you are now my puppet, my toy and total slave….. Do you understand?”

“Yes Goddess I shall serve you through pain and torment”.

“Good, now we shall begin!”

Goddess Electra turns and returns to the throne having picked up another item from the table and her military cap which is put back on her and ensures it fits and sits coquestishly. Once sitting down comfortably and imperiously she crosses her legs and laying down the device on one arm of the throne takes another cigarette and lights it and takes a first drag, sexily and with a mischievous grin. She remains silent and merely smokes her cigarette slowly and looks intensely at me, clearly pleased with how I look and how my naked body looks with the cord around me and in the knowledge of the invasive instruments inserted into my body.

As she finishes her cigarette she picks up the device in her other hand and I can see it is a box of similar proportions and dimensions to a smart phone. She presses something on the screen and I can detect a low level light emitting from the device.

“So first your arse”. She presses the screen and I can sense the first throbs of electricity in my backside. The throbs grow in intensity and I start to moan in pain and start to flinch but cannot as I am so tensely bound. The throbs each last about three seconds and are interspersed with 10 seconds of respite. Goddess increases the intensity of the throbs of electricity but maintains the length and the timing. I start to raise my self on the tips of my toes and grit my teeth as the pain increases until she finally stops and I rest.

“So you managed to withstand that” she smiles again. “Now your cock”. I wince in anticipation but within the few seconds I can feel sparks in the centre of my cock and Goddess maintains exactly the same rhythm and frequency as on my arsehole. However, my cock is so much more sensitive and the pain feels all the more intense. She looks closely at me a she uses her remote control device to increase the intensity of the electrocution of my member. This continues for what seems an eternity before she stops and my moans and groans cease. I am shaking and quivering like a nervous wreck but I can see a steely determination in Goddess’s demeanour which tells me that this is far from over.

She stands up and walks up to me, always sexy and always with erotic intent. She stands tall above me and puts her hand under the chin of my hood and looks intently into my eyes, her scent enveloping me as he mouth comes closer to mine.

“So slave, how do you like this electro equipment?”

The question seems rhetorical as I cannot think of a suitable answer but just stand there shaking in my bonds and feeling inadequate.

“Open your mouth wide” she demands and I respond immediately and she spits into my mouth. Her phlegm tastes of the cigarette but it is welcome as my mouth is so dry. “Thank you Goddess” I mutter and she repeats the spitting and I welcome it as the essence of her soul.

She takes a few steps back and then return to her throne. “Mmm this device has so many wonderful settings” she informs me in a matter of fact way. “ I can alter the intensity, frequency and timing of the electricity.” That evil smile comes across her smile, “now let’s try both in combination”.

Goddess looks at the screen for only a few seconds and after pressing the screen with her leather gloved hands I feel bursts of electric shocks in my arse and cock. She has clearly decided to put the controller on to a variable programme, the intensity and length of the shocks varies as well as does the time between them. However, they never act in unison, it is always either my cock or the arse that suffers. Goddess merely looks at me from her imperious position as I shake, moan and move uncomfortably in my bonds. She looks down to consider her gloved hands and the peak of the military cap comes down covering her beautifully intense eyes. There is no respite in the shocks, which vary from light to intense from about 3 to 15 seconds and with pauses varying from only 10 seconds to well over 45.

I am feeling distraught and my pain and discomfort combined with the variability only help to confuse and disorient me. No doubt Goddess is well aware of that and knows that I am close to the edge of my capacity. She looks up from and fixes me again with those eyes.

“Mmmm this satisfies me, to see you wince with excruciating pain. I love to make you my puppet, my toy.” She slowly licks her lips and gives me a sadistic smile. “but now for the finale my slave…..”

What can that mean I wonder with my eyes wide open in fear.

Lady Electra takes the remote control unit and press the screen a few times. I scream in pain as both the butt plug and urethral probe emit shocks more intense than those received so far and also in unison. As this happens Goddess rises from her Throne and walks over to me.

“Yes yes slave, it hurts like fuck – that’s the point,” She approaches me closer and moves her face to within a few centimetres of my hood and stares again in my eyes which open and close in rapid succession to alleviate the pain which has me writhing in my bondage.

The control is in her left hand and she looks at it gain and presses the screen and suddenly the electricity stops.

Again Lady Electra looks at me with a sexy smile, pleased obviously that I have managed to withstand her torment and knowing as I do that I feel more subservient to her than ever before.

“Thank you for torturing me Goddess” I mutter whilst trying to recover both my breath, which has been short and erratic during the torture but also trying to recover my composure from the head fuck I have just endured.

With swift efficiency Goddess relieves the tension in my collar, ankle and wrist bondage by releasing the electrical control. I am able to stand but I am shaking terribly. She then almost kneels and unties the cord from around my cock, arse and around my waist. It falls to the floor and then slowly she removes the urethral probe before pulling out the butt plug. These two items she tosses on the wheeled trolley with distain and I stand in complete supplication before the Goddess.

“Follow me to the Throne slave” Goddess orders and I follow her again.

She sits down and then mutters “Now worship my boots again and thank me for your torment”. I follow a similar procedure as before albeit my concentration is impaired by the residual throbbing in my cock and arse. I can feel a metal sensation in my urethra and my sphincter is suffering from latent pain after the thorough treatment it has just received.

As I entre this realm of self pity Goddess brings me back into the present by lighting another cigarette and using me as her ashtray. She occasionally orders me to stop kissing her boots and to offer my mouth for her spit to combine with the ash. It is welcome as my mouth is dry and I feel dehydrated and confused.

The Goddess Electra continues to do flick ash in the moments I look up from kissing and licking her boots and each time she catches my eyes and I can glimpse the cold hearted smile of a sadistic Dominatrix whoseprincipal pleasure is seeing me suffer and for me to obey.

When the cigarette is finished she orders me to rise to my feet which I do daintly and with shivers still permeating my skin.

“Follow me” she orders quietly and I meekly walk in her wake.

She leads me to the whipping bench and without a word merely invites me to lay myself prostrate across the leather furniture. The bench is made of black steel and black leather with two legs sections and a middrift and cut out section for me head. As soon as I lay across the cold leather Goddess Electra starts to bind the leather straps, across my ankles, below my knees, my thighs and one wide strap over my lower back. A further strap behind my head keeps me lowered and supplicant. Further straps are tightened across by upper arms and writs at the sides of the bench.

Then Goddess walks slowly around me, each step of the heels across the hard floor sounds like a warning of my impending doom.

“Now I intend to whip you slave” she says very matter of factly… “The purpose of the whipping is to ensure you complete obedience to me and to mark you with the signs of my ownership”.

I gulp in fear as I feel myself trying to tremble uncontrollably but without opportunity given the tightness of the bonds that enslave me. I merely mutter almost inordably “Yes Goddess”.

I hear her heels grow slightly distant and then she returns and comes close to my head. I squint through my slave hood and look down on the boots I have so ravenously worshipped.

“Now slave, kiss the whip” and I strain to raise my head and kiss the handle of the flogger she hold before me and do so three times. “now kiss the hand that beats you” and as ordered I kiss the back of her gloved hand three times.

I tense but she orders me to relax and then informs me this is a mild flogger. To tease me as The Goddess walks to the foot of the beach she lets the strands of the flogger run lightly across my back.

“Ready slave?” she smirks and I realise the question is merely rhetorical as before I can answer the first thrashing is applied to my backside. Although She has informed me this is a light flogger I still wince and let out a gasp of air.

“This is just to warm you up slave, this is not pain, this is mere preparation” there sounds like slight irritation in her voice.

“I shall do my best… to withstand” I utter rather pathetically.

“ You will do more than try to withstand, you will take the pain and utter orisons of gratitude for your whipping…. Now I need to concentrate. As this is mere warming up we shall not have any counting.”

I do not have the chance to provide any response as the whipping commences with strokes and strokes of the flogger hitting my tender and fragile skin.

I resign myself as the continual thrashes of the whip continue so that I close my eyes and concentrate on taking the pain as best I can. She rhythmically and whole heartedly thrashes my arse with an occasional thrash of my lower back and although I do not count the thrashes I am sure they must amount to around 40 or 50 before Goddess ceases and throws the flogger on the floor.

I timidly utter words of gratitude… “Thank you Goddess for whipping me and treating me as your slave”.

She ignores my attempt to ingratiate myself and I hear the heels of the boots walk purposefully to collect the next instrument of pain.

Again she walks to where my head is bowed and proffers me the handle of another flogger, I can see clearly that the strands are thicker than the last one as well as longer. I see her gloved hand as I strain to kiss the handle three times with my dry lips and my nervousness know no limits as I then kiss slowly the back of her gloved hand.

Again she wanders to my feet and lets the fronds of the whip lightly tickle my back.

“This is a medium whip and now we shall she conduct this procedure with the appropriate discipline…. Each time I whip you I want you to count the strokes and offer thanks…. You understand do you not, my treasure?”

“Yes I understand” I whisper.

“Speak up slave, I cannot hear you”

I steel myself with fake bravado as I say louder “ Yes Goddess Electra, I understand the procedure”.

“Good, because I want to enjoy this and I want to hear your suffering. I am a sadistic bitch and I will not tolerate weakness or disobedience. You belong to me and as a piece of meat your primary objective is to serve my pleasure”.

“Yes Goddess, I want to serve you” I try to dig deep into my inner depths to find the strength to withstand.

Goddess flicks the flogger a couple of times in the air, whether to practice her strokes or instill fear in my being, I do not know.

Then the first lash of the flogger strikes me across the middle of by arse cheeks slightly more intensely on my right than my left. I raise my hooded head as best I can to let out a yelp and after a few seconds to deal with the shock I utter “One, thank you Goddess”.

The Uber Leather Goddess Lady Electra, the woman who is the apogee of the female dominant, the sinecure of my existence and sine qua non of the Dominatrix fraternity proceeds to rhythmically whip me and I count the strokes after each time letting out a yelp of pain, breathlessly recall the next number. Each time Lady Electra allows me a few seconds to steel my resolve to take the next stroke and reminds me to breath appropriately, breathing in just before I can sense the next lash and letting it out as the stroke crashes upon my slave flesh.

After each 10 strokes Goddess takes a pause and walks around me, running one of her leather gloved hands across my now highly quivering skin.

By the time we reach 30 strokes I am a quivering mess and my howls of pain have grown ever louder whilst the time between the stroke and my offer of gratitude has grown longer.

Goddess stands beside me on my right hand side as she gentles runs the fingers of one gloved hand across the welts which have manifested across my arse, upper thighs and lower back.

“Mmmm it is lovely to see these marks, the evidence of your servitude embellished on your slave body” she says in her best German erotic voice.

“I think it is very sexy to have you bound with leather straps and for me to whip you mercilessly. The previous electro torture was also beautiful, but it is mainly through whipping you that I can see my sadistic desires painted on you like a tableau. I am an artist and you are my canvas. Do you no think that is intensely erotic?”

I am not sure how to answer, the throbbing pain does not feel particularly erotic so I utter feebily that no I do not think it is erotic and realise in my confused and tormented state that my answer should have been in the positive.

“Having your bound slave flesh prostrate before me with these marks of my power makes me feel very horny slave.” Although I cannot see her I can sense an erotic smile has been drawn across her beautiful face. She walks forward and then bows low and places her gloved hand under my chin to raise my head. Her beautiful eyes stare deeply into mine.

“Right now my clit is quivering and my cunt is getting wet”. Lady Electra shocks me with this erotic disclosure by also makes me feel horny and my cock grows hard between the leg supports of the bench. She reaches and holds my member in the gloved hand and starts to run it up and down.

“You see there is a symbiosis through our erotic adventures.” Her voice is soft and alluring, as though we are in bed together and are about to have sex. “You love me don’t you slave?” she enquires solicitously.

“Oh yes Goddess, I love with you with all my heart and soul” this break in the whipping has caused me to recover my composure and I am able to respond with all due grace and respect for the goddess I do truly adore.

“Mmmm yes slave I know you love me and I know that so many times when you have been on your knees worshipping my boots you have wanted to put your head between my legs and lick my pussy until I cum…. Am I right”

“Oh yes goddess I would love to lick you and pleasure you”

“Exactly, but you must now realize that they way I want to cum is through whipping you, those marks over your back and arse are an aphrodisiac to me.”

Lady Electra still stares into my very soul as her eyes sparkle with lust and passion and she opens her mouth and sensuously licks her lips and brings her mouth to mine and I open it and for a brief second our tongues touch.

“but enough of this erotic reverie slave, you have some more strokes to endure, my punishment of you is far from over”

My mouth is dry as I endeavour to swallow and steady my nerves for my further impending doom. Lady Electra struts purposefully back to her position and I can here her ready the whip for the next stroke.

As it lands on my trembling arse I let out a whimper and then pathetically “thirty-one, thank you Goddess” I utter through clenched teeth. At the same time Lady Electra also emits and erotic sigh, as though she is being sexually pleasured. Whether for real or a fake means by which to entice me to endure the excruciating pain I feel throughout my body, I do not know nor care.

But as the strokes of the sadist fall upon my forbearance improves and slowly I feel myself falling deeper into sub-space, that metaphysical state wherein the strokes of the whip induce me into a trance, the pain becomes pleasurable and without doubt I start to welcome each thrash as a kiss of the Dominatrix.

This continues until I have endured 50 strokes of the whip and then goddess curtly informs that the flagellation with this instrument is now over.

“However, this does not mean the end of the whipping my piece of meat. Your slave flesh requires more tenderization like a prime piece of steak” she laughs sadistically.

Again the previous flogger is dropped to the ground and I can hear Goddess’ heels clicking across the floor to pick up the next instrument. She returns again for the third time to me head and proffers the handle of what I can see is single tail whip if about two meters length, it is black with heavy braiding and tapers to a fine end.

Without words goddess proffers me the handle to kiss three times and then I kiss the back of her gloved hand and she walks back to her position.

“Now slave, I have not tested you before with this whip but it is truly delicious. I love the sound it makes as it courses the air and the sound of its impact on my slaves’ skin”. I can sense her love of this instrument and how empowered it makes her feel. I am still in a deep trance from the whipping with the medium flogger and I start to tense in anticipation of receiving such a sadistic tool across my flesh.

“Each time I whip you I want you to offer me orizons of worship. Each comment will differ from the one before. I shall give you the time to think of what you want to say and there will be 10 strokes in total. But you will endure and you will worship me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Goddess”I say with a mixture of steely determination and confused subjugation.

“Prepare yourself and do not forget to breath deeply”.

I detect that Goddess Electra stakes a few steps back to improve her swing and aim.

The first stroke comes cashing across by backside and I yelp in agony….. “Oh fuck, ow…..ow…owwwwwwww”. I take deep short breaths and then utter…

“One….. You are the Goddess I adore”

“Two…. I worship you with my heart and soul”

“Three…. You are the most beautiful, sensual and erotic Leather Goddess and I love you”

“Four…. I want to suffer all your sadistic needs and desires and appreciate your inner Bitch”

“Five… I want to suffer never ending mind fucks at your hands”

“Six… Your slave only wants to serve you and satisfy you”

“Seven… all my erotic desires and fantasies are with you, the supreme Goddess”

“Eight… my cock, my balls, my arse, my nipples and all of my mind, body and soul belong to you”

“Nine… Your slave would do anything to worship your cunt and pleasure you until you cum hard over my face”

“Ten…. I want you to own all my orgasms, I want to cum only for you and with great intensity”

All of these orizons of worship are delivered slowly and with my eyes watering as the hard whip is struck across my bare and exposed flesh. After the 10th stroke I feel both a sense of despair and enlightenment. I am exhausted but also refreshed.

Through these last strokes goddess has been silent apart form the occasional sigh and moan of pleasure at my pain and servitude.

Goddess wanders back to where my head is lying on the bench, my is breath short and erratic. I can sense how much I am sweating in the hood and I feel spent and exhausted. I sense Goddess leaning over my and releasing the leather strap over my neck and I raise my head slowly as she bows down to look my in my eyes.

“mmmm you withstood well my dear and your utterances of worship were indeed a pleasure to my ears. No doubt your backside is stinging from the strokes of that devilish whip?”

“Yes Goddess but it was my pleasure to serve you and I meant every word I uttered”. Her beautiful face is close to mine as my impaired vision takes in again her beauty.

“This I know well slave, you have been most dutiful and I know how much you adore me…. So now you have earned your reward.”

Again her sensuous lips are within reach of mine and I stick out my tongue and she reciprocates and they briefly touch, a small frisson of sexual desire causes my cock to grow hard again and twitch.

Quickly and purposefully Goddess releases me form my leather bonds and I shall me arms and legs to re-establish circulation which appears to have been lost, I feel like I have been in the bondage bench for an eternity but in essence it has been no longer than 30 minutes.

Thankfully goddess permits the indulgence of my getting up slowly and I trace the welts on my backside, upper thighs and lower backs with my hands and notice how extensive they are and realized they will not diminish for several weeks.

Whilst I am in my self induced reverie Goddess Lady Electra has returned to her throne and beckons me over. I slowly walk over whilst stretching and shaking my limbs to recover circulation. I feel light headed and as my mouth is dry and I wipe my eyes to prevent the tears from forming.

By the time I can establish the composure to kneel before Her again, Goddess has lit another cigarette and has a beautiful and sensuous smile on her face. We do not speak, I simply stare up at her as she smokes and lets the fumes rise form her immaculate redded lips.

She is half way through her cigarette when she stands up and unzips her trousers and puts her left gloved hand and momentarily rubs between her legs before doing up her trousers again and sitting.

“Come forward slave and lick my fingers.” I do as I am told and one by one he inserts her fingers into my welcoming mouth and I taste the sweet juice from her cunt. “Lick the juice from my pussy, let it sustain you and medicate you”

This is truly an honour to taste Goddess’s pussy juice. I do not know if she has cum but I could see plenty of sticky juice on her gloved fingers.

She finishes her cigarette and I swallow the filter which she places on my welcoming tongue. She then spits into my mouth twice and I swallow the remnants of ash, filter and spit.

“Now slave, take you cock in you hand and start to masturbate for me.” I certainly need no encouragement… my desire is intense now and my hard-on is growing.

“ Pull the skin back as I want to see the tip”… I do as I am told and goddess murmurs “mmmm so glistening and wet but it requires lubrication.” With that she leans forward and dribbles spit over the tip of my cock. She is still above me.

She leans back again and puts pleases the inner heels of her boots close to each other and orders me to fuck her boots. Goddess know how erotic I find this, to fuck the greatest symbol of her erotic power and grace, my ultimate leather fetish.

I thrust back and forth and the dry leather slowly gets dampened by the pre-cum on my glistening cock.

“Harder slave, fuck my boots harder”. Goddess encourages me and licks her lips and give me a sensual look wanting me to orgasm soon.

I do not disappoint as I shudder, thrust my head back and shoot large quantities of cum over the front of her beautiful leather thigh boots. I lean forward and put my hands on her knees and look up at her with complete adulation and love in my eyes.

“Thank you goddess… that was wonderful” I feel so complete and replete in my inner being, this has been an intense session and was fulfilled by the equal measure by the strength of my orgasm which is still making me quiver with after shocks of pleasure.

Goddess smiles again and tenderly places both her gloved hands behind my hooded head.

“I loved it too slave and think we have a wonderful mutual understanding.”

“It’s what erotica and SM are all about Goddess” I offeras a comment as my self composure returns in post orgasm relaxation.

I turn my back to Goddess whilst still below her and she unties my hood and releases me from it.

We have a brief chat as we both relax in post session comfort, in the mutual knowledge that we have both experienced a wonderful occasion, which I shall certainly remember for a long time.

After showering, changing and departing Goddess Lady Electra with a tender kiss on each cheek I have been in the taxi back to my hotel when I feel my mobile phone vibrate.

There is see a text message from Goddess:-


I gulp in anticipation but also smile at the thought of serving the Uber Leather Goddess again.

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