Eine Wertschätzung an meine Boots …

Auf Grund einer sehr intensiven Ballkicking Session, mit meinen spitzen Leder Stiefeln, wurde der Klassiker ” These Boots are made for walking “, passend zu meiner Session umgeschrieben.

Das gelungene Ergebnis gefällt mir sehr gut 😉

These Boots are made for kickin ´

You been thinkin ´knee high boots are sexy
But I got somethin ´- that … I must confess
I´ve been usin ´.. them to do … some abusin ´
They break a man … and cause him such distress

These boots are made for kickin ´
And that ´s just what they ´ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna kick you
black and blue … yeah

… My brand new boots are gonna leave their scratches
Bruises, broken bones, that ´s just the start
You better – not – be their line of fire
… Cause these viscious heels will stab right
through your heart

These boots are made for kickin ´
And that ´s just what they´ll do
My killer boots … are gonna kick … the shit right out
of you

First some kneein followed by some kickin ´
Between your legs then right into your face – ha !
Then some breakin ´… your balls can do the achin ´
– yeah !
They ´ll drop you to your knees, your rightful place

Scared on the floor and beggin ´
There ´s nothin ´you can do
Just watch me and these boots – kickin ´
The shit right out of you

I like it

Lady Electra

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